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Harvey & Rosella Plett
Harvey and Rosella have a heart for Belize. They both grew up in a Spanish Lookout, Belize and are concerned about the future of Belize. As a teenager Harvey found life in a Spanish worship service and became interested in more than the communities' Mennonite traditions and beliefs. As Harvey and Rosella got married a life of ministry began. They traveled to Bolivia in 1994 with their two children. Harvey became a school teacher to Bolivian children for two years. In 1998 Harvey and Rosella traveled to Honduras to provide relief for Hurricane Mitch victims. Then in 2001 they went to El Salvador to aid earthquake victims. They have fun and sad stories to tell of being on missiontrips. Their main income stems from a pre-fabricated house building company in Spanish Lookout - Plett's Home Builders. And while Harvey is a business man is sign at the entrance puts it simply: "Owned by God, Managed by His people, to Grow His kingdom." In Spanish Lookout the Pletts have founded Fountain of Life Church which has impacted hundreds over the years! The Pletts' hearts' have always been to help those in need. And they are humbled to have the privilege to bring mission teams to Belize through DCI.  It was only in 2016 that they fully took over leadership of DCI, although they have always been a key part of DCI.


Philip and Jarlene Plett

Bus Driver and Missions' Guide

Philip and Jarlene are newlyweds on fire for the Lord. Soon after getting married in March of 2016 they volunteered at a summer bible camp for children in the worst parts of Belize City. Here they led and served and impacted hundreds for the kingdom. Philip has a few years of experience as an EMT, making him a man everyone is thankful to have around in big group operations like mission trips and VBS weeks. Philip is a committed leader and Jarlene a bubbly young lady you will be-friend quickly. Presently they serve as Sunday School teachers at Fountain of Life Church in Spanish Lookout. Their hearts are to see the children of Belize imapacted so that they in turn will change the country. Philip has years of farming and trucking experience. Jarlene enjoys meeting new people and coordinating events to impact those in need. Together they make an amazing team that you will work with you closely during your missiontrip to Belize.





Richard & Jeanny Deeds

Secretary & Coordinator

Richard Deeds grew up in Pennsylvania but came to Belize as a young boy on a mission trip with his parents. His parents ended up staying in Belize permanently and Richard found work at Harvey Pletts' business - Plett's Home Builders. Soon after Ricard married the Plett's oldest daughter Jeanny in 2012. Together, Richard and Jeanny led a youth group called 50 Strong. In 2013 they took a team of 30 youth to Tiziminn, Mexico on a week-long missionstrip. Here they experienced a wonderful week of being stretched beyond their comfort zone yet at the same time they were very aware of God's hand in every sitauation. God has led them through adventures and they trust Him for guidance in the future. While Richard stays on at the business as manager his wife Jeanny is Secretary and Director at DCI. Jeanny is dedicated to the work of Lord and is excited to see the beauty of international missions unfold in Belize. With her experience in the missionfield and in communications she hopes to have a part in changing the nation of Belize. 



RonnyRhonda.gifRonny & Rhonda Plett

Missions Guide and Acountant 

Ronny and Rhonda are a friendly couple, full of life and a supportive part of DCI. While Rhonda keeps record of the finances behind the scenes, Ronny can give you a full history of the Mennonite settlement in Spanish Lookout. They both enjoy facilitating projects, especially missions projects that will impact the world.