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Mission Trip / Packing List

Shorts / Pants / T-Shirts

Hat / Sunglasses / Sun Screen   Disposable Camera

Undergarments / Toiletries / Bug Repellant
Swim Suit / Snacks / Flash Light 

Sandals / Sneakers / Gloves / Towel / Hand Sanitizer / Soap 
Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress 
Bible / Note Book / Pen & Pencil

Items Given to Team Leaders

Passport & Two Copies of Passport

Medical Release Form

Guardian Permission Form [If under 18]

Optional Items

Money for Snack Bar and Souvenirs

Games for free time

Football / Basketball / Frisbee / Walkman

 Not Recommended

Expensive Items


Optional Items To Pack
Musical Instruments: Guitars, Bongo Drum, keyboard ect.
Orphanages: Kids need underwear, socks, bath towels, bed sheets, toothbrushes, tooth paste, small personal hygiene and children's vitamins
Any small stuffed toys, match box cars are always great for the children and they pack around and in many items to fill in the suitcases. 
Clothing to give away
- Baby
- Children
- Middle School
- Youth
- Adult

Games that team members can play at base camp during free time.