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Organizations Partnering with DCI to help Belize



Re-Thinking Missions: We see it time after time; a U.S. church comes and builds another church. The church community gets reshuffled and there’s another church running 15 people in Belize. We believe in many countries in the western hemisphere the last thing needed is another church. (Let’s Make Existing Churches Effective) 

Fountain of Life Church

Harvey Plett along with a handful of other families started Fountain of Life Church in 2002?. As a youth Harvey was attracted to the free style of worship at a local Spanish church. After being baptized and married in the traditional Mennonite church Harvey and Rosella began serarching for more. For a few years they were school teachers, missionaries, and then youth leaders in the mennonite church. In 1998 they met American missionaries to the Belizean Mayans, Bobby and Denise Dickens. Eventually the Dickens started a home Bible Study group with a few hungry Mennonite couples in Spanish lookout. From there the excitement grew, freedom came. In 1997 a man on fire for the Lord came from Minnesota - Gerald Derstine - along with a group of others to put on a christian Crusade in Spanish Lookout. Spanish Lookout was suprised at the lively worship put on by the active Americans. Soon after Harvey and Rosella along with a few other families stepped out of the mennonite church and started a weekly service in a shed at Plett's Home Builders. Many came and found new life. In 2013 Fountain of Life bought a 500 acre plot to build a retreat center and large church. Excitement grew as the building went up. In January of 2015 they had their first service in the new building. Presently the Retreat Center at Fountain of Life also serves as DCI's Retreat Center. Twice a year a three-week Life Change Institute is held at the Retreat Center.

Fountain of Life has started eighth daughter churches across the country of Belize. The people of Belize are hurt and hungry and FOL is answering God's call to reap the harevst. A few times a year FOL helps put on Potter's - a weekend getaway where past emotional wounds are healed by the Father, masks are taken off, and participants learn to hear from the Father. Following on the heels of Potters is a discipleship program called Life Change Institute. This program held bi-anually has helped change the mind-set of many in Belize. 

As DCI teams come down to Belize, they join Fountain of Life members and staff in impacting Belize. DCI teams are often welcomed to speak and sing at weekly FOL services. If the team prefers not to present anything at FOL events they are still welcome to join the fun and connect with new people. Every-other week the FOL youth enjoy a night of volleyball, on the other weeks they get together for some fun activites, worship and a message by the youth leader. On Thursday night Fountain of LIfe members get together for a weekly time of worship, testimonies and a message. DCI teams are welcome for all FOL events. 

 In the last year there has been a shift at FOL, more of the Spanish and Mestizo Belizean families have joined the weekly services. As the church family grows everyone changes together and a new culture emerges. The leaders of FOL are excited about the new people the church is privieged to impact and look forward to the unfolding of God's plan 

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Plett's Home Builders

Harvey Plett started Plett's Home Builders in 1999. God has always been at the center of his business. Harvey bought pasture-land, built a house and let it sit there waiiting for it to sell. For three months he had a young secretary attend to customers, yet it would not sell. Then Harvey promised God that he would give his firstfruits to Him, if the house would sell he would put all the profit in the offering bag at church. In a week it sold. Then Harvey's test came. It was Friday and the workers needed their pay. Instead of taking of the money he had gotten for the house he just sold, harvey went to bank and took out money from his savings to pay his employees. On sunday he put all the money into the offering. Harvey often tells this story and is reminded that God wants to bless us in all areas of life if wepartner with Him.

A sign hung at the entrance of PHB reads:"Owned by God, Managed by His People, to Build His Kingdom" Plett's Home Builders has always been a tool for the Plett family to grow the kingdomof God. As profit cme in from houses being sold Harvey enjoyed supporting local Spanish churches, a local Deaf Institute, or poor widows in the surrounding villages. Harvey's children remember going out during the Christmas hilidays with a pickup full of rice, beans, sugar and flour and handing out food to the needy nearby. This giving habit is at the center of Plett's Home Builders and we believe it has opened the door for God's blessing.

PHB has suffered from hurricanes, a tornado, and multiple fires yet Harvey Plett is not disheartned. Where God's blessing is disasters cannot stand in the way. Come what may, we are in the palm of God's hands. As God has provided for Plett's Home Builders, Mr. Plett wants to have a hand in helping those in need in Belize. Often PHB provides roofing or siding for widows or poor families. In the future PHB plans to build the frame of a house while DCI teams come down to help finish by hanging the siding.

PHB houses have been built for almost two decades now yet none of them have collapsed in hurricanes or rotted away in the Belizean weather. Only the best quality hardwood is used. If you need a house in Belize, consider partnering with Mr. Plett. 

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