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Mission Trips are designed for training people in cross-cultural ministry. To empower them while reaching out to people groups unlike themselves.

Belize is one of the most exotic and diverse places imaginable!  Formally known as British Honduras, it is part of the British Common Wealth - Belize received it’s independence in 1981.  It has always had a stable democratic form of government. The main language spoken is English.



Belize Central America [Safe Gated Campus] 


8 Days/ 7 Nights Mission Trip $595    

5 Days/ 4 Nights Mission Trip - $495



Any dates available for teams of ten people or more!

 Single people or small teams are welcome to come for 8 -day mission trips on the following dates:

May 4-11     June 20-27     June 24-July 1   July 8-15     July 14-21   July 22-28     August 1-8


Single people or small teams are welcome to come for 5 -day mission trips on the following dates:

June 3-7     August 5-9

All Mission Trips Include:

             Airport Pickup and Return

     Mission Trip Lodging

             Daily Van Transportation

             All Meals
             Training by Missionaries

             Daily Project Cost   













 Clowns Precious and Peaches making balloon animals for eager children at DCI in Belize.

Personal Packing List:
Shorts / T-Shirts / (Optional Skirt for Females)
Hat / Sandals / Boots or Sneakers to Wear in Jungle

Sunglasses / Sun Screen / Camera / Undergarments

Toiletries / Bug Repellant / Swim Suit  / Snacks

Sm. Flash Light  / Gloves / Hand Sanitizer / Towel

Soap  / Sleeping Bag  / Twin Sz. Air Mattress

Sm. Travel Pillow /Bible / Note Book / Pen & Pencil 
ipod / 1 Jar of Peanut Butter / 1Jar of Jelly

Passport & Two Copies of Passport

Click here to download DCI Brochure

Missionary college students befriending children growing up in poverty

What Is the Average Day Like?
Daily Agenda:

I.)  Wake-Up  / Breakfast 7:00 am

II.)  Quiet Time 8:00 am 

III.) Classroom Training 8:30 am

IV.)  Travel to  Project 9:15 am

V.) Lunch Picnic 12:30 pm 

VI.) Travel Back to Camp 4:00 pm
VII.) Dinner / Free Time  5:00 pm

VIII.) Area Park Outreach  6:30 pm 

IX.) Group Rally at Campus  8:15 pm

X.) Fun Games & laughter! 9:15 pm 

Call DCI in Belize and talk to Jeanny at:

Example of a Affordable 8 day Mission Trip

*Airfare from Houston  $650
*Lodging,Meals,Trans. $595.   

                           Total $1245.
       Total 8 days / 7 nights  Mission Trip  
*Plus Belize airport tax 



On a  DCI trip people work and serve with men and women from different parts of the world. 

While working together they build relationships that will last a lifetime.