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 Throughout the year DCI mobilizes people to bring aid to people who need it the most. Businesses, churches, and schools work together with DCI to go into the poorest areas Belize. Mobilizing projects for community restoration through outreaches, block parties and mentoring programs. 

DCI is a family-run business. The Plett's were born and raised in Belize and are excited to be partnering with others to change Belize. Harvey Plett has a heart for missions in Belize and has influenced many new church plants and is founder of Fountain of Life Church, his wife Rosella is very hospitable and will look after your team like the caring Mennonite mother she is. Jeanny Plett is the secretary you will be corresponding with. Philip Plett and his wife Jarlene will be your busdriver and guide throughout your week with us. Ronny Plett and wife Rhonda will be excited to give you a tour and tell you about Belizean history. We are excited to join with you to change our Belize



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