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A view of DCI Campus Kitchen, Upper Conference Room, and Dorm rooms on a sunny day

dci has a peaceful, clean campus ready for you:

DCI owns the campus (property) where you will lodge.Unfortunately, there are many people who take short-term mission trips that have bad experiences  because the organization uses a borrowed location such as a school, church or cheap motel for people to lodge. At DCI’s mission campus in Belize you are guaranteed nice clean safe missions housing, where you or the student you are sending can safely rest.

Lodging at the DCI Belize campus, you are only 3 minutes away from a medical clinic and 20 minutes from a hospital. If you choose another missions organization to go with, check how close the nearest medical offices are in case of the need of care.


Students enjoying a meal cooked by a wonderful team of local women at DCI

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Located in the heart of a peaceful, industrial Mennonite community, DCI is positioned to reach out to surrounding Spanish refugee villages.
After a day of missions work, people find that the retreat is a peaceful setting to rest.
The cleanest and safest place to do missions in Belize. 

Fasten your seat belt...Stow away your tray table...Put your seat in the upright position... and prepare to take off on a Belize journey that will change your life forever!

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